Why to invest in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian Real Estates gives you 10 reasons to buy a property in sunny Bulgaria :

  1. Very cheap real estates compared to the European price levels;
  2. Low level of taxes ;
  3. Perfect Location: All European countries are just a couple of hours away from Bulgaria;
  4. Breath-taking nature: Fresh air, pure water, virgin forests, splendid seaside – a feast for the eyes.
  5. Soft climate, in some measure damp, in some measure dry, quite favorable to health. There is no harsh cold or scorching sun.
  6. Ancient country, rich in history with a myriad of civilizations having flourished on its territory
  7. Member of EU since January 2007, Bulgaria relies on political stability, religious and ethnical forbearance and peaceful coexistence of different nationalities and cultures.
  8. Gradual growth of economy which makes Bulgaria a place of constant interest on the part of foreign investors in the time of the world crisis.
  9. Numerous business opportunities for you to seize.
  10. Exquisite cuisine which will satisfy all tastes; qualitative products; bottom prices.

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